Advertising: France vs. USA

July 23, 2016

Advertising: France vs. USA

Hi, I am Laura, the intern French student. If you want to know more about differences in business and advertisements between USA and Europe, you should read this article.

The differences in advertisements

Advertisements in USA do not show naked human body whereas in Europe it is common and it shows the beauty. For some time in France it is legal for the supermarkets to compare their products with the competition so they insist about their lower prices and saying that they are better than the competition. In USA they show more ads about fast food and sales. On the other hand it is also common in the USA to use the woman for household products but I find some of them too much straight with the dirt. And about the news, then they focus on the individual while in France this is more focus on global subjects with larger population.

The difference in Business

I noticed some differences in business. At work in USA, employees are more congratulated and encouraged. The words “good” and “perfect” are recurrent.  And taking risks is natural and the good mood is always present. Whether it is in business or in everyday life, people seem more familiar amongst themselves. European companies can be sometimes more formal and reserved when you first meet. But it does not mean that every European company is like that! French companies tend towards rigid hierarchies. Americans tend to work longer hours and have fewer days off than Europeans.