It’s how we uncover your story. You are, appropriately, close to your company, products, and services. You live and breathe them every day. Thus, getting perspective is hard, and without it it’s hard to recognize story elements, capture them, and synthesize them into a coherent narrative. Your story is there, waiting to be told. Wanting to be told. And when you find it and tell it, it’ll leave a mark. It’ll be noticed and remembered. It’ll have outcomes beyond what you expect.

Let’s unleash it on the world together .


Once you have a great story, you need a great storyteller to get the most from it (or maximize its utility, whichever you prefer). Once we create a compelling narrative you’ll want to get it out there as widely as possible. Great storytelling will allow you to stay true to your narrative while still customizing it for specific channels and audiences.

There’s nothing like a great story told well. It’s engaging because our brains are wired that way. Be evocative. Be provocative.
Inspire curiosity.

Then don’t blink. Just tell your story



One of the oddest things about writing is that, frequently, the words get in the way. Well thought out writing keeps you engaged with your audience. After the 7-second first impression of you, your website, or any other marketing materials, the messages and the words are what keep people’s attention.

Make them great


Writers actually only spend 40%-50% of their time writing; it’s a well-known secret. The rest is research and editing, and they are both critical to the writing process and a great final product. Words are powerful. Words matter, especially in print. They can build trust, connection, empathy, and convey information. Or, they can alienate and confuse. Great writing is almost never done on the first pass but is the product of many (sometimes lengthy) revisions. Professional editing enables cross-media use of your story while having each version be just right for its unique audience

Never skimp on your words.