Story Spotting and Development

June 20, 2018

Story Spotting and Development

Your success is directly tied to that quality of your story and how well you tell it. We handle everything words, from early stage messaging to blog posts. You need words. We have them.

Every business has a great story. I firmly believe that. Sometimes all that is required is to spot it then tease it out. Clients are often surprised at just how good their story really is. I bring a number of assets that make the process of story development easier:

  • A fresh perspective
  • An immersion into the world of story
  • Willingness to ignore boundaries
  • Total focus on the story
  • And a writer’s view of the world

Combined with your knowledge and expertise we’ll make a productive and dynamic team that creates a story you’ll be proud to tell, a story that reaches people, a story to reduce friction in your funnel.


From ad copy to web content to feature stories to scripts to novels, if it has words in it we’ll polish them until they shine.


print & online: we write pretty much anything

  • Make your outreach materials sing, yell, or whisper to effectively reach your audiences
  • Accelerate sales, increase awareness, get buzzed
  • Be the architect of your sales journey


  • Newsletters to magazines (print and electronic), from conception to fruition, brainstorming to bindery
  • Stand out from the crowd

I also work with award-winning artists, photographers and developers, as well as dependable and reasonable printers, to ensure each product is of the highest quality.

Word Geeks Unite!