Words That Paint

June 20, 2018

Words That Paint

Words are how to paint pictures in other people’s heads. It looks easy. It’s not. Jotting is easy; most people do it everyday, in emails, tweets, texts, and any other short form communication.

Thousands of years of stories

But when your words need to connect, inspire, and inform, you need more. The human brain evolved for millions of years to grok via story. Reaching people, any people—your target audience, the broader market, an individual—requires writing.

Words on their own can get in the way. We’ve all seen it. “Did you mean…?” But writing can cross the void between people and create “spooky action at a distance” (Einstein).

Creating quantum entanglement with an audience is an incredible privilege. It’s hard to create and easy to f**k up, and it is the highest good words can do. It is the most valuable thing (well…really…not a thing) imaginable. That connection between people alters history, invokes great art, and moves mountains.

And it only happens with a great telling of an emotive story. For centuries it was oral.
Now it takes writing. Well crafted, well thought out, well articulated, writing.

You’ll never jot your way into anyone’s heart.

But writing opens the door.